CVS Mobile

»A telematic system for a smooth-running business«
CVS Mobile telematic system is a business solution that provides seamless management of fleets, work processes and mobile workers. It is designed to be used in a number of industries, including transportation, logistics, construction, passenger transport and numerous other service-oriented private or public organizations.


Infotrans is developing software solutions to provide full support to dispatch centers in transport companies. It enables customers to manage information about loading, unloading and current transport capacities to streamline and improve the efficiency of their operations.

Ergo inštitut

Ergo inštitut is transferring scientific findings about cultures to companies and other organizations. The company’s goal is to increase companies’ added value by developing solutions that are based on user experiences, cross-cultural collaboration and cultural specifics to adapt services and products to specific cultural environments.


Remote Display combines advanced web-based technologies with a multimedia display to ensure simple control and playback of video content on different locations. The solution provides a simple, centrally-managed and fully targeted advertising or notifications by using LCD, LED, OLED and plasma displays.